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Let us shoot your love's funeral with full of respects

At a funeral, it is a good idea to make arrangements with the photographer in advance and it is also better to have only one photographer. 

Taking into account the occasion, I move indoors calmly and with respecting the family. I always do video documentaries at a funeral that is as things go up. The priest's words will clearly be recorded on a separate microphone. 

I do not take close-ups of the relatives, but the documentation focuses on the recording of the event itself: the priest's speech, the funeral flowers, and the memoirs (or address reading). The benefit of retrospective video is among other things, that the priest's words can be heard again or the video can be delivered to relatives who have not been present. The video can also be helpful in dealing with grief.

While recording and shooting the funeral, I do not highlight the sadness of the people but the value and respect for the deceased. 

Hautajaistallenteeseen kuuluu noin yhden tunnin kuvaus siunaustilaisuudesta ja tallenteen kevyt editointi. Tallenteen saa viikon sisällä. Se on katsottavissa ja ladattavissa salasana suojatulla sivustolla kaksi (2) viikkoa kuvauspäivästä.  

400€ (+24% alv.) tilaisuus
Streamaus/livelähetys verkkoon +150€ (+24% alv.)

Hinnat koskevat Helsingin, Espoon ja Vantaan alueita. Tarvittaessa muulle alueelle, pyydä tarjous soittamalla 040 444 1498 tai sähköpostilla info@kuvaajalare.f

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