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Services I offer

The most typical cases where I think I can help:

• Device acquisitions, like a laptop acquisition. What kind of and why?
 Some programs are not working as expected.
 Device is slow or is not working normally.
 Device has virus.
 The device is "messed up", for example, it does not turn on normally.
 Saving and recovering files, from an old hard disk. 

I also offer transferring VHS videos to DVD or saving as a file. Don't hesitate to contact us getting you a better solution that you need. 


I started my job in 2011 at a big IT organization services, a service desk (about 25,000 users). My practical work consisted of requests for support and service, which came through several electronic channels and over the phone. I worked in that company for six years. I developed a good professional identity for myself and also I did communication and crisis communication. I developed things and guided many different users in tough situations.

Now is your chance! My expertise is available for both small and big problems. My interests include IT problems, various TV and AV solutions, and guidance on using electronic devices.

I also worked for Gigantti in 2016, answering IT issues and selling peripherals. 

Hard disk

The pictures above show two different hard drives. These connector clips are different (in the foreground), but files can still be saved.

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